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I’d like you to meet Devin, a senior at Pleasure Park High School. She contacted me about being a Senior Rep this year and as soon as I saw her application I knew she was a perfect Rep for me. Devin is a mom and her son is her life. She shared with me about how she as a young mother has made the hard choices and has been blessed by them. Devin said, she doesn’t have much time for fun outside of school and being a mom, but she loves photography and wants to learn more about this art one day. Right now she is working hard and keeping her eyes on her goals. Her career ambition is to be a teacher that works with mentally and physically handicapped children. It has been an honor to meet and get to know Devin. She has a heart of gold and it shows in all that she strives to be!

Devin blog 6 TSP2013-2396 devin blog 5 TSP2013-2438 TSP2013-2453 devin blog 4 TSP2013-2432 Devin blog 3 TSP2013-2415 Devin blog 2 TSP2013-2380 TSP2013-2400 TSP2013-2427 Devin blog1 TSP2013-2458

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