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The Smith’s | Family Session | @ The Louisville Zoo

Meet the Smith Family. This family really knows how to have fun and they always make me feel just like one of the crew. I love the way they are so light hearted and carefree. When Ashley called me about doing a family session at the Louisville Zoo, she wanted to bring the whole family together because that is what they do. They are a close loving family who enjoys spending time together. Looking through the photos from this session you should feel the love.

“I want to hold the map”

TSP2013-2684 Smith blog 7 TSP2013-2640 Smith blog 6 TSP2013-2586 Smith blog 5 TSP2013-2556 TSP2013-2675 TSP2013-2612 TSP2013-2558 Smith blog 4 TSP2013-2537 TSP2013-2694 TSP2013-2685 TSP2013-2531 Smith blog 1 TSP2013-2526 TSP2013-2498 Smith blog 3

TSP2013-2657 TSP2013-2655

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