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Destiny | Austin High School Class of ’14 | TSP Senior Rep Spotlight

Meet Destiny! She is an Austin High 2014 Senior and is on her way to a bright future! Destiny wants to go to nursing school after graduation and is interested in serving in the armed forces. She is a country girl from a one stop sign town. She loves country music but enjoys a little hip hop when she wants to have fun. As I was shooting this mini rep session she shared with me that she enjoys a good tractor and truck show and was on her way to one after we finished. She is a girl who knows how to have fun AND work hard. I had a great time doing her session and I look forward to seeing her again in the fall.

TSP2013-2696 TSP2013-2703 TSP2013-2708 TSP2013-2720 TSP2013-2723 TSP2013-2768 TSP2013-2771 TSP2013-2789 TSP2013-2795 TSP2013-2796 TSP2013-2799 TSP2013-2804 TSP2013-2805 TSP2013-2810 TSP2013-2812 TSP2013-2818 TSP2013-2819

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