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Shelly Abbott |Artwork-Music Label |Louisville’s Portrait Photographer

I am so excited to share my most recent adventure with you! Introducing Shelly Abbott, a very talented Christian singer/songwriter in Louisville, Ky. Shelly asked me to help her design the artwork for the CD label and it was my honor to do so. This story like any good one has a back story. You see, I was there the very first time Shelly sang one of her original songs to a crowd. I have been on this journey with her from the beginning and it was great to see her dream of recording music for the Lord become reality. Her talents and gifts are truly from God and she gives Him all the glory. The name “He loves me” seemed very fitting and she shared with me how the Lord has been with her and how her faith has been strengthened through the years. I have heard some of the songs on this CD and I can’t wait to hear the rest! The music and the lyrics are uplifting and encouraging. I’m sure Shelly would want you to know that God loves you too. Go check out her fb page and click “like” ย for upcoming updates and links to hear “He Loves Me” for yourself!

Front cover edit

Back cover edit

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