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What to wear?

My clients are always asking me the same question, what should I wear? That my friends is a great question to ask because your photos will reflect wether or not you feel good about what you are wearing.
I’m going to list for you 5 simple guidelines that I share with my clients so that you can be ready for your next session in style!

#1 (most important) Be yourself.
Unless you are choosing to do some outlandish themed photo session, just be you. Now that doesn’t mean dress frumpy. Yes I said that! Be the best you that you can be. Choose your style and glam it up for the camera.
#2 Come camera ready.
Make sure your clothes are wrinkle and lint free. You wouldn’t believe the amount of time I spend fixing wrinkles and healing specks of lint off clothing in Photo Shop. Make sure your hair is done to your liking. Side note: do not go get your hair done day of. You may not like your cut or style. So please give it a day if you are going to the salon. Be sure if your nails aren’t polished that they are clean and ready. Think about what the camera sees. If you don’t want certain angles because of the way your belt makes you look then you may want to choose something else to wear. Look yourself over from head to toe!
#3 Be Bold.
Don’t be afraid of colors and patterns in your clothing choices. Pick something that when you put it on gives you confidence. Some girls don’t ever wear heels. I get that but putting them on with a cute dress instead of flats during your session does wonders for your legs! I’m just saying. I want you to feel like you put your best foot forward. Guys layer and mix and match timeless with edgy.
#4 Accessorize!
Please use great accessories to put together an outfit. Women, bring different color and printed scarves or hair accessories. Big colorful jewelry can look great with neutral color tops. Rings and bracelets give added bling. I wouldn’t say to do ALL of them at once but a couple of eye catching items add something. I always say less can be more flattering. Just don’t over do it. This isn’t just for women. Guys you can change it up with hats, scarves and different jewelry. Pops of color, prints and textures can really pull together a families coordinates.
#5 Know your style.
Translation: know what compliments you.
Trendy styles and fads can be fun but what works for one persons body type may not work for yours.
If you need help choosing what flatters your wonderful look don’t be afraid to ask. I have a great web site to share with you that is super user friendly! I love it! It’s called…
Stitch Fix
It’s a virtual style session. It’s so easy and fun! The great thing is it’s affordable! For only $25 you can get a full style make over that matches you!
Go check it out!

I hope these tips help you to be ready for your session! Remember to have fun, relax and smile!

Photos from dealrocker.com



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