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Katey Cook | Bullitt East High School Class of “15 | Senior Rep Spotlight

Katey Cook is one of my Senior Reps from last year! She is a Senior this year at Bullitt East High School, Class of ’15! All my senior reps get their very own blog spotlight on my web site. Katey has many different sessions to choose from for her spotlight so it was hard for me to narrow it down but here are some that I feel tell her story best!

Katey shared that the reasons she would make a good Rep is that she is trustworthy, patient and a hard worker!
She put in hard work for these bonus Snow Photos. It was about 28 degrees when we shot those! Good work toughing it out Katey ๐Ÿ˜‰
Katey works well in front of the camera. She is into the arts and loves to dance and isn’t a stranger to head shots and group photos.
Favorite TV Show : Pretty Little Liars
For Katey’s Spring session we didn’t have the cold but we had the wind to battle. She handled it like a pro!
She loves to keep up with the latest styles.
Her favorite color is yellow but she also likes pink and blue a lot! Pink is the color of the stone in her class ring that you can see in this photo.
One of Katey’s favorite outfits is a soft floral print dress and a jean jacket.
She loves to have big volumes of curls in her long hair.
Her favorite accessories include her heart necklace, long necklaces, sparkly earrings and bracelets.
One of the places Katey had originally wanted to be photographed was an old farm. We made good use of the barn for her spring photos!
Some of her favorite hobbies are cooking, dancing, singing, acting, hanging with friends & spending time with family!
You can tell Katey likes to have fun!
Katey’s style is versatile. She wears her black leather jacket and adds an edge to this pose.
Katey is interested in attending Western Kentucky University after High School.
This photo is from Katey’s urban session in the fall.
Katey is a girl of many talents! On top of being on the dance team, she has been a part of a “Show troupe” called “Top Note” for 7 years!
Katey played clarinet in the school marching band and is still a part of the concert band.
Katey gets her inspiration from characters on her favorite T.V. show, Pretty Little Liars, and likes to model their outstanding fashion.
For school her overall style is: Classy
Katey likes to listen to show tunes because she likes the variety of voices and story lines.
Katey chose to do her lifestyle pose in Sunergos Coffee Shop.
Katey believes in staying fit and slim. Two things she likes about herself is that she maintains good grades and has an out going personality!
Something Katey shared with me….”Last summer I went to an arts based summer camp.  A professional model came and gave us a class on how to runway model, and we had a mini photo shoot around the campground and she showed us how to pose and โ€œsmile with our eyes.โ€”
This was one of Katey’s favorite photos from her session.
Katey likes being a good role model for her younger peers.
There is a lot of drama in this black and white.
Katey likes to show off her gorgeous smile ๐Ÿ™‚
I love how this one captures her smile in the reflection. -Katey’s urban session
Being inspired by her love of drama, Katey wanted a vintage styled shoot in a local beauty shop called “Beechmont Bombshells.”
Katey Cook- Vintage styled session
This one really brings out her eyes!
This last one really captured the look. She is horrified by something she sees! LOL!


It was such a joy working with Katey! Thank you for being such a great Representative for Tammy Stayton Photography! I wish you all the best for your future!

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