Photo taken by: My sweet sister Kimberly McLaughlin

Welcome to my little place on the web. I am so glad you stopped by to visit. Make yourself at home and let me share.

My story: I love, love, love to create with photography! My journey started over ten years ago, when I got deep into the art. Taking photos became a hobby my friends and family loved and honestly, were a little annoyed by. You can only follow someone with a camera for so long before you are treated like the Paparazzi. LOL! Since I couldn’t find fulfillment in taking landscapes I decided that I would just find more faces to photograph. Eventually that decision led me to open a business because my passion for photography had taken over! Why not get paid to do what you love, right?! I see it as an outlet to use my creativity and artistry to bless others.

My Style: Every artist has a unique style…my goal #1 is to make my clients feel as if they are spending time with a friend. I want you to remember making memories together as a fun positive experience. #2 in my sessions my aim is to capture the very essence of the occasion. I see into the person through the lens of the camera so that you can see your special moments in their truest form. Through candid lifestyle photography, I seek to capture personality and emotion that is genuine. I always consult with the client to get a vision before beginning, because I want you to be just as much a part of this experience as you want to be.

My motto: My job isn’t to take your photo, it is to give you a captured moment to cherish. 

My relationships: I’m married to a wonderful man who supports my crazy visionary personality! For him I am truly blessed. I am a mom of three beautiful daughters and one incredibly handsome boy. (no, I’m not bragging!) I’m a fur-baby lover. I have one dog named Jaxon and a kitty named Boots. I have the best parents in the world, because they are mine! I have four unique and gifted siblings. I am blessed with some awesome friends and extended family! I couldn’t be complete in telling you about me without telling you I am a woman of faith. My number one relationship with Jesus shapes every part of my life.

Below is one of my favorite quotes and pretty much sums up how I approach my life and art. Much like my personal life, my work, (my camera) is an extension of my heart.

Charlie Peacock-Ashworth- “A good life is framed by discernment, and discernment comes through knowledge of the Word and the power of the Spirit. Study and pray. Great art is created in an environment of freedom, but the fuel of freedom is the substance of truth. The artist learns to watch both his life and his doctrine closely.”

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little about me! I would love to meet you!

Thank you!


Thank you for following my Photography blog!

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